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Christopher was a pleasure to work with. From the start it was clear he was there to help my family, not just make money. He was a good mentor, teaching me along the way to understand the legal system. He met with me several times, even coming to the location of where our "case" began. He put me in contact with an additional lawyer to help me with a counter-lawsuit. I felt he was always there for me, always available. In our case, Christopher ended up spending the day in mediation with us in which we were very satisfied with the end result. He is very professional. You can't go wrong by hiring Christopher. 5 Star Avvo Review

– Kelly

Christopher Skorina helped me with contractors that fell apart at the end of a major remodel. He discovered a number of issues with the way the contractor was doing business and was grossly mismanaging my money for the remodel. He not only did he fully recover all my losses but taught me that it pays to get an attorney check out any contract you have when you do a major remodel project. Christopher was very thorough and timely.  5 Star Avvo Review

– Past Client

Mr. Skorina was very helpful in setting up my local business according to Californian law and doing everything in order to comply with our E-2 Visa application. He is a good listener and has been very easy to work with.  5 Star Avvo Review

– Eddy

Chris is my attorney for business and personal and has always handled my affairs in a businesslike and professional manner. He's also a really nice guy.  5 Star Avvo Review

– Derrick

Mr. Skorina had consistently good command over the case and was never playing catch up (requesting documents or sending us somewhere to get something done). He was informative from the beginning and informed us of the process at each stage. He is quick to respond to inquiry and we never had a question about any part of the process. He is all business, but he is competent at what he does and the service he provides.  5 Star Avvo Review

– Debbie

It was a great experience with Mr Skorina. I was T boned by another driver and their insurance Co wanted to settle for 500 dollars. I called Mr. Skorina and he handled everything. I received a very fair settlement in a very timely manner. I would recommend him to anybody.  5 Star Avvo Review

– Jeff

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Practice Areas

Over 25 years of experience helping injured victims against insurance companies.

Full compensation if you or a family member was hurt in an auto accident.
Legal action against drunk drivers — and bars that serve clearly intoxicated patrons.
Aggressive help when injuries are caused by semis and negligent trucking companies.
Representation for injured motorcycle riders and their families.
Lawsuits when injury is caused by defective or inadequately labelled products.
Help for victims of slips and falls caused by negligent building or land owners.
General counsel services and legal representation for California businesses.
A full range of legal services in real estate and construction law.

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